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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Campaign ads

Dave Winer talks about new disclosure language at the end television and radio campaign ads this election season. The ads include a statement by the candidate that he or she approved the ad. Like, I am so-and-so and I approved this message. (See Reinvented for the specific language from the Campaign Reform Act that requires this.)

We've been seeing this in Illinois for months now. As a voter, I think this new law was an excellent idea.

My first thought the first time I heard one of these ads was of several vile and vicious attack ads we had running up to the last election. A lot of those ads came on the radio and TV with no information about who was sponsoring the ad. The ads left the voters wondering who thought a candidate was so bad to put out such an ad. Some of those ads were downright disgusting. I wonder what effect this new law will have on third party campaign ads.

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Posted by Marie at January 11, 2004 5:25 PM