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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Trick lock

I went to the office this morning. The good thing about working on Saturday is there are no interruptions and about eight hours of work can be accomplished in three hours. For the last several months, Iíve been going in one Saturday a month as a catch-up measure. Itís great. Each time, so far, there has been someone in the building when I arrived and departed. Until today.

One of the guys that works in the office across the hall from my office left before I got a chance to leave. That meant I was in charge of locking the place up. Not a small feat as I soon found out. Everything was fine until I had to remove the key from the lock in the outer door. I got the door locked just fine, but for the life of me, I couldnít get the key out of the lock. Damn! I also couldnít get the door unlocked to get back inside. I pushed on the door. I pulled on the door. I pushed on the key. I pulled on the key. Nothing would work. Except for being able to turn the key, it was like the key was welded into the lock. I worked on it for about ten minutes before finally giving up. Since I had to get out of there, I walked away with my key in the lock. Fortunately, the grounds are enclosed by a 12 foot fence with razor wire along the top of the fence. Closing and locking the gate was a cinch.

As soon as I got home, I called my co-worker at home and told him what happened. He told me he had the same problem the first time he tried to lock the door. He explained thereís a little cylinder you have trip with your pinky to release the key. Ahh. Well, I sure didnít see that. Much to my relief, he agreed to go down to the building and get my key out of the door. Good thing, too. Otherwise, I had visions of me going back down there, climbing that fence and getting caught on that razor wire.

Posted by Marie at March 6, 2004 4:44 PM


no, you wouldnt get caught on the razor wire. because you would have hoisted me over the fence. duh!

Posted by: allie at March 7, 2004 3:58 AM

A 12' fence with razor wire? Dang, and I though I worked in a sercure area. Is the razor wire to keep people out or in?

Posted by: Kem White at March 7, 2004 1:19 PM

Kem, It's to keep people out. I think.

Allie, Oh yeah...

Posted by: Marie at March 7, 2004 2:34 PM