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Sunday, March 21, 2004

UFO gathering

Well, not an actual gathering of UFOs:

3/20: Witness to UFOs & Alien Abductions Ever witnessed a UFO or Alien Abduction? Be at the Powell Street Station at between 12-12:15 noon on Saturday 3/20/2004. Wear a green shirt.

That’s the Powell Street Station in San Francisco.

Via Craigsblog

If I was in San Francisco, I might have gone.

It was a Saturday evening in early April, 1980. I was driving along a country road in Central Illinois. I was returning home from my friend's wedding. I was alone. There were about 10 miles of various country, county, and township roads to get back to the highway. Some of the roads cut through tiny towns or past grain elevators. Most of the roads were straight-aways through farm fields. The fields were freshly plowed.

One particular road was about a mile long with a "T" intersection at each end. No buildings. No street lights. Nothing but vast farm fields on either side of the road. Oh, and deep drainage ditches on each side of the road too.

I had gone about a quarter mile when I noticed up ahead and off to the left what appeared to be a motorcycle traveling across the field towards the road. It was so dark, I could see only the headlight. My first thought was that we would both meet at a point in the road at the same time and collide. My next thought was the drainage ditch: The motorcycle was either going to crash into the drainage ditch, or the driver would have to slow down, stop, get off and walk the bike down one edge of the ditch and up the other to get to the road.

I slowed my driving and kept watching the bike. Then the realization hit me that the head light from the bike should have been bumping up and down as it rode along the rutty field. But it wasn't. It was making a smooth path toward the road about three feet above the surface. I slowed the car as it got closer. I rolled down the window to listen for the engine of the bike. There was no sound. It was now about 100 feet away, off to the left, and a little ahead.

Soon I realized it wasn't a headlight of a motorcycle as there was no lightbeam. It was a sphere. It was a white light. It was a little bigger than the size of a basketball. Floating. Propelled somehow. I stopped the car and watched as it smoothly traveled across the drainage ditch, across the road about 40 feet ahead of me, across the opposite ditch, and then disappeared into the dark about 60 feet after that.

Two things of note: There were no other cars or trucks on that road when I was there. And, I was completely sober.

I have never been able to determine I saw. Someone told me it could have been a weather balloon. Someone else theorized that it could have been a probe from another civilization sent to examine the black dirt of Central Illinois.

About a year later, I was at a party where I met a physicist from Fermi Lab. I described to him what I saw and asked him what he thought it was. He looked at his watch, said he was going to get a drink, and would be right back. I never saw him again. About 20 years later, I happened to be alone in a room with yet another physicist. When I related my story to him, he said, “you weren’t supposed to see that.”

Has anyone else seen something like this?

Posted by Marie at March 21, 2004 2:07 AM


What a great story. I've never seen anything like that. The closest I come occurred when I was a kid. I was watching TV one evening about sunset. The sky was mostly dark when a big fireball (not just a shooting star) streaked across the sky. I could see it clearly through the back windows of our living room. It looked really close. The next day there were all sorts of pictures and stories about it in the paper.

Posted by: Kem White at March 22, 2004 4:56 PM