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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Canadian Ccustoms

My oldest daughterís friends that are in an indie rock band are on tour for two months. Sometime this afternoon they crossed the border from the United States into Canada. I donít have the exact town or highway, except that it was somewhere out west.

In addition to having to pay heavy tariffs on their "merch," the drummer and the lead singer each had their laptops examined by Canadian Customs. The drummer got a pass. The singer had his laptop confiscated for having p_o_r_n on the hard drive. I had no idea they did this.

The customs agent gave him the choice of either staying out of Canada with the computer, or they would ship it back home to Springfield. Needless to say, he chose the latter. Iíll be surprised if it ever makes it back.

Questions: (1) Was he given the option of checking it at the border so he could pick it up on his return. Maybe that wasnít option since they would probably be returning through a different crossing. (2) Would he have been allowed to just delete the offending files? Iím sure Iíll get more details later.

Posted by Marie at April 3, 2004 11:17 PM