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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Fallen heros

In a somber and respectful tribute, Ted Koppel will devote tomorrow night’s Nightline to a reading of names of soldiers killed in Iraq thus far. Some people and corporations consider this to be “antiwar.” From tomorrow’s NY Times: Some Stations to Block 'Nightline' War Tribute (free reg. req.):

Sinclair Broadcast Group, one of the largest owners of local television stations, will pre-empt tonight's edition of the ABC News program "Nightline," saying the program's plan to have Ted Koppel read aloud the names of every member of the armed forces killed in action in Iraq was motivated by an antiwar agenda and threatened to undermine American efforts there.

Almost everyday on the radio I hear similar sentiments being expressed whenever someone mentions soldiers who have died in action. When did paying respect to fallen heros become “antiwar?”

... vice president of corporate relations for Sinclair, who is also a conservative commentator on the company's newscasts, said tonight's edition of "Nightline" is biased journalism.

Our local news channel, an NBC affiliate, is also owned by Sinclair. Night after night, we’re subjected to a commentary by that very Sinclair vice president. Since it comes under the classification of commentary, some might say his words couldn’t be called journalism – biased or not. Okay. How about “mouthpiece for the current administration?”

Night after night I watch the local news and night after night it gets more watery.

Posted by Marie at April 29, 2004 11:06 PM


KDNL-30 here in Mound City is owned by Sinclair, which you can tell whenever you watch The Simpsons and an ENTIRE SCENE is missing since they needed room for more commercials in their primetime local-access slot. Gotta end the show by 6:52 so we can get in eight straight minutes of commercials!

They, of course, will not be airing Nightline, as all Sinclair-owned ABC affils will not. The general manager will remind you that "this is a corporate decision and out of our hands," but what he WON'T tell you is that KDNL is actually the leader of the ABC Sinclair Affilliate Group, with by far the most power (really, the only power) of the ABC stations Sinclair owns. This means that this GM probably helped make this decision. Cowards.

Posted by: Peter at April 30, 2004 1:16 PM