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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The sofa

My co-worker is rustling around overhead. Thereís a very large space between this office and the roof of the building. Itís not really an attic. Itís not a second floor. Itís just a very large space. Itís filled with boxes of records going back about 40 years. Dusty, dirty boxes. The boxes are stacked such that you have to move one box to look into another and then you move that box to look into the next and so on. Presently, weíre looking for an invoice from 15 years ago that may or may not exist. Neither of us worked here then. We do this kind of thing a lot. Itís his turn to go looking. I wonder if heíll notice that someone has arranged a bunch of boxes into the shape of a sofa. Yours truly, the one who canít even walk by a sofa without having to take a nap, is not beneath stealing away to the dark and dirty recesses of some old warehouse to grab a few winks in the middle of the day.

Heís back and he not only found the invoice, he found the bids that preceded it. Apparently, he didn't notice the sofa.

Posted by Marie at May 5, 2004 10:01 AM