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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Political mudslinging

Thereís an interesting rundown in todayís SF Chronicle by Bill Whalen on political mudslinging from the days of yore. (Yesteryear's political mudslingers put Bush and Kerry to shame The 2004 campaign features whining.) Political mudslinging goes back to the beginning of American politics. Itís how men of good will think they can get elected. For instance:

[John] Adams' foes accused him of being a closet monarchist. Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, was the William Jefferson Clinton of his time: You name the insult, he endured it. Jefferson's enemies portrayed him as an atheist, a Francophile, and a war wimp for not enlisting in 1775.

Itís still early, but even with the new campaign reform laws, I suspect weíll soon be in the thick of it. Especially here in Illinois, where the closer it gets to the elections, the uglier it gets. Actually, in the recent past, so-called third-party organizations did the majority of the mudslinging in Illinois without divulging who paid for the ads. That has now changed. And itís a change for the better.

Posted by Marie at June 20, 2004 2:59 PM