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Monday, July 26, 2004

What others are saying

We hear from Michael Feldman of the Dowbrigade on Monday's blogger breakfast at the Convention in a post titled, One Shot Blogs Don't Make the Grade:

... we heard from one Senate candidate from Illinois who proudly proclaimed :"I have a Blog now" but didn't;t know the address and couldn't understand why we all sniggered when, upon being asked how much of the blogging he actually did, declared "I guaranteed I'm at least reading everything we;re putting up."

For the record, that candidate is Barack Obama and he should know better, at least as a lawyer, if nothing else, than to step in it and set himself up like that. Bad move. More and more, I see a lot of folks from Illinois giving Obama a free pass. Maybe because he's the only game in town. Who the hell knows. Let's take him to task and make him earn our vote. Even if it is a given. Anyway, Barack, if you're reading this, your weblog address is

Also from ESL on the recent crop of real journalists who are also blogging:

A few minutes later we heard from legendary AP writer and columnist Walter Mears, who also, coincidentally, just started a blog. He couldn't remember the address either, but noted it is available from the AP web page. This was the fourth or fifth time we have heard from mainstream reporters that they have recently established blogs, at the behest of their employers, for the express purpose of blogging the convention and campaign.


Blogging is an attitude, and these flash in the pan, media created blogs don't get that, and so they don't got it.

So true.

EDIT: Corrected the name from ESL to Michael Feldman. Sorry.

Posted by Marie at July 26, 2004 11:10 PM


Barack Obama's blog has got more hits tonight than you'll probably get in a year. You should read some of the comments he's getting..

You should have waited until after his speech before you decided to make disparaging remarks..

The man has my respect and my vote for anything he chooses to run for. I expect him to be president one of these days and I'm looking forward to that.

If your idea of blogging is stroking your ego about your "attitude", I suggest you review what Mr. Obama said in his speech tonight and then decide whether he's someone to be "sniggered" at. He doesn't NEED a free pass.

But then maybe you've already found that out for yourself if you heard him speak.

Posted by: Laurel at July 28, 2004 5:20 AM

Not only did I hear him speak last night, I've been listening to him since before the primary. Not only have I read the comments on his blog, I've been hearing comments about him by both the press and the public since before the primary. Rarely is a dissenting remark made.

What remarks of mine do you consider disparaging?

You're right that he doesn't need a free pass. Nevertheless, that's what he's getting.

Posted by: Marie at July 28, 2004 11:19 AM