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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

On moderated comments

Several of the new blogging systems, and now even some old ones, have the built-in ability for the weblog owner to moderate comments. That is, the comment is first submitted privately to the blog owner. Thereafter, the blogger can either let the comment be posted or reject it.

The initial premise behind this method was to keep spam-type comments from being posted to the blog. I can understand that some bloggers might prevent comments from being posted as a method to douse flame wars among commenters. Or, even flames directed at the blogger. All those are reasonable reasons to prevent a comment from being posted. There must be more reasons.

Now to the point of this entry. Last Friday I sent a comment to a blog. I didn't know until after I hit the send button that it would be moderated. That doesn't matter. I would have sent it anyway. I thought it was an intelligent comment and added to the conversation. Of course, my version of intelligent and other people's version are often different. Anyway, more than three days later, my comment has not yet been posted.

Maybe my comment was too "meta," or not enough, for the blogger. It's not always possible to tell what bloggers are looking for in comments. Although, I thought my particular comment went along well with the post and the other comments on the post. I should also mention that my comment hasn't been posted for lack of being away from the computer because he has posted some new entries since then.

Whatever the reason, I'm not upset. I'm not even mildly surprised. I always suspected I would encounter this one day. The blog in question? A lawyer blog, by a lawyer, and for lawyers.

It's my own fault for thinking my opinion or experience would be valued by a lawyer. I worked as a legal secretary for almost 30 years. As such, it hasn't escaped me that I might have been spoiled. Most of the lawyers I worked for not only listened to my opinion on certain matters, they often asked for it. That's not to say they always followed my advice. On the other hand, a lot of legal secretaries I knew rarely spoke with their bosses unless it was about the work done or to be done. In one law office I knew, the secretaries only received communications from their boss via Dictaphone.

I'm not linking to the blog in question because it would be my word against his. I just wish I had saved my comment to a file before I hit the send button. It was good comment. Actually, it's something I could blog about here. I may do just that at a later date.

Posted by Marie at September 14, 2004 12:38 AM


Thanks to EE, I have the option of moderating, or using other methods for coment control. I simply chose captchas. It blocks spam, but not real readers, and its simple to for them to do.

Also I decided since real members were verified, then they didn't need captchas at all, and bypassed that as well.

As for what I am looking for in comments? ANYTHING! A comment at all is good. Spams and trolls are deleted, but I don't care if your opinion differs from mine or not.

Posted by: Doc at September 14, 2004 5:41 AM


I'm using WordPress; it's set to automatically send comments into the mod queue ONLY for certain criteria (certain words, a certain # of links). I've only deleted one comment from my site, EVER, and I've had a couple of entries that drew the kiddies who are new to the internet and discovered the f-bomb.

(For the record, The deleted comment was from my sister, who was mad at me at the time. I've never deleted comments from total internet strangers.) :)

Posted by: ben at September 14, 2004 7:19 PM