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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

We grew apart

In the early days I heard little bits and pieces of conversation about you. That you were the coolest thing out there. I had a feeling we might be made for each other. But I couldn't see you. I couldn't get close to you. Try as I might, I couldn't even find you. I believed that if I wanted to transcend the life I was fated with, I had to know you. I had to have you.

And then, late one Saturday night you came into my life. You just wandered in. I was shocked and elated. It felt like I had finally come home.

And you told me your stories and sang me your songs. And you made a little clay man that got smashed up beyond recognition. And you made me laugh. And sometimes, cry. And I nearly went blind. And I fell in love with you that first night as I sat on that hard floor gazing upon your awesomeness.

We had it really good for a while. Unfortunately, it didn't last long. Not long enough, anyway. I don't know if it was you or if it was me. Over the years I still hear little bits of conversation about you. But, it didn't affected me. Not like that first time.

Now all the kids are talking about you and how you hooked up with someone, I don't even know who, named Ashlee Simpson, and how she exposed you for the total fake you became.

Farewell, Saturday Night Live.

Posted by Marie at October 26, 2004 12:14 AM