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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Still on those federal judges

It's good to see I'm not the only one trying to get people talking about the importance of the appointment of federal judges. Well, I'm sure lots are. I hope. Anyway, the person at the Electoral Vote Predictor has some very thought provoking things to say about how this election will affect us for many years beyond 2008:

With respect to judicial apppointments, it is harder to imagine two candidates whose judicial appointments would differ more than Bush and Kerry's. Will the next president appoint Justices determined to reverse Roe v. Wade or to reaffirm it? What about teaching of creationism in schools, separation of church and state, medical research using stem cells, and so many other issues on which the candidates differ? Ultimately, practically all of them end up in the Supreme Court. Ten years from now the war in Iraq will be over (hopefully), but the justices the next president appoints will still be on the Court making decisions that affect many aspects of life in America. Think carefully about this issue before voting next Tuesday. (Oct. 26)

Very well put. I read a lot of blogs and I haven't seen much blogging about this issue. What a missed opportunity.

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