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Sunday, November 07, 2004


Sears was a household name in our house and, probably, all of Springfield when I was growing up. I was raised on everything Sears. On an occasional Saturday, my mom would take me and my brother shopping at Sears. Then, on the way out, she would treat us to Cheese Whiz hotdogs and Hire's root beer they sold in the lobby. I don't think I've enjoyed a hot dog as much since then. Even though Sears moved out of that building when we got the mall about 30 years ago, I still have dreams about the old Sears building.

Now, Sears Roebuck has amazingly put some of their archives on the internet and they're updating frequently:

Sears has a rich, long history to tell dating back to 1886 when Richard Sears sold the first batch of watches. The milestones, introductions and stories fill volumes.

Besides clothes, stoves, camping equipment, toys, catalogs and just about everything else under the sun, Sears is known for such things as their line of mail order homes (1908-1940) and owning WLS radio (1924-1928).

Posted by Marie at November 7, 2004 11:15 PM


The only job I ever had where I was released against my will was at Sears. I put the price stickers on their products before they went out to the retail area. I never put a sticker on a Sears product where the mark-up wasn't at least 100%.

Posted by: Kem White at November 8, 2004 9:53 AM

I absolutely loved Sears when I was growing up. Sometimes we would go to Penney's, but normally - Sears. And then there is the Sears Tower. *sigh* I think my grandparents may have owned a mail-order Sears home. I didn't know that Sears owned WLS at one point in time though!

Posted by: Christine at November 11, 2004 2:42 AM