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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

For whom the woot tolls

Quickly, I glance at the clock only to notice it's already 11:24 a.m. My heart begins to race. I can feel my focus slipping away. Have I waited too long? I scan through my list of feeds, shakily pointing the mouse, hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that I haven't missed out, yet again. Squinting, I scroll to the bottom of the page where my heart sinks as I see, sadly, I have once again, due to no one's fault but my own, missed out on my fair share of the crap:


Posted by Marie at November 9, 2004 12:06 PM


Oh man. Why did you have to tell me about this site? Now I'm going to be addicted to it like a crack junkie. Cheap stuff, all in the name of "Woot"? Could it really be true? Could it be that good?

You know where I'll be at midnight every night from now on!

Posted by: Christine at November 11, 2004 2:29 AM

You've bought from these guys, Marie?

Posted by: Jason at November 11, 2004 4:28 PM

Yes, I've bought several things from them for my office. And, I even won a free MS wireless keyboard and mouse in their little stockmarket contest. It's still in the box in the storage room. Their prices are hard to beat. So, sometimes it's hard to resist buying. That is, I have to think first, "do I really need this?" So far, no complaints.

Posted by: Marie at November 11, 2004 6:17 PM