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Thursday, November 11, 2004

The flap over Private Ryan

I'm watching "Saving Private Ryan" on our local ABC affiliate right now. Unfortunately, a lot of ABC stations have refused to air it out of fear of sanctions from the Federal Communications Commission due to the movie's violence and profanity.

The decisions mark a twist in the conflict over the aggressive stand the FCC has taken against obscenity and profanity since Janet Jackson flashed the world during the last Super Bowl halftime show. (USA Today: TV stations cancel 'Saving Private Ryan')

If the owners of the TV stations that cancelled the show (and the so-called moralists who weighed in on the recent election) don't know the difference between the violence and profanity used in the movie and what happened at the Super Bowl this year, then I really feel sorry for them.

And, if the FCC, in its infinite wisdom of thinking it knows what's best for the American viewing public, were to fine any TV stations for airing the movie, well, then we're all fucked anyway.

It's an amazing movie about a mission during World War II. You remember World War II, right? Something to do with a little nuisance called freedom.

Posted by Marie at November 11, 2004 9:14 PM