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Sunday, November 14, 2004

The softer side of Sears

Another Sunday night. Another Sears entry. This could get to be a habit.

Via Snopes on Sears:

Claim: Sears pays the difference in salaries and maintains benefits for their called-up military reservist employees.
Status: True.

I don't know what Sears is paying these days, but whatever it is, that's pretty nice.

Posted by Marie at November 14, 2004 7:16 PM


It's nice that they do hold positions for the reservists and Guard. I was working at a Sears when the 91 Gulf War broke out. A VERY good friend of mine, Tennessee Army Guard got called up to go over there. When it was over, he was right back in Hardware.

The kicker, though: He ended up the manager of that department when they forced the previous manager (and 6 others who actually made, combined, 10% of the store's money they eyar prior) into early retirement.

Basically... yeah, Sears is a decent job, but not a career.

Posted by: ben at November 14, 2004 10:45 PM