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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Lincoln sitings

Sound advice from the Land of Lincoln. If you should find the image of Abe Lincoln in the bark of your old oak tree or your shaving creme or some such, don't rush over to eBay to sell it.

A reporter at asks the age old question, "What could an accidental portrait of Abe Lincoln bring on eBay?"

The time is ripe to sell my basement wall.
While banging at the plaster last summer with a screwdriver and hammer, I uncovered the image of Abe Lincoln. Know that the unveiling of ex-U.S. presidents was not my intent. Rather, a troubling patch of brownish mold speckled the white paint, pointing to an unresolved moisture problem in the workroom.

And, the guy at has a revelation:

Last night I saw a picture of Abraham Lincoln in my stewed tomatoes. He had a copy of "Mad Magazine" in his hand. I'm heading for E-bay right now. I'll let you know how much I sell it for...

Wait! Do what we do. Milk it for all its worth. Give tours. Write books. Build monuments.

Posted by Marie at November 21, 2004 11:56 AM