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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Day one at the rehab center

After almost three months, my mom left the hospital yesterday afternoon. Sadly, she went to a nursing home instead of coming home. We’re calling it the rehab center.

Other than her tracheostomy, none of her maladies are so devastating that I couldn’t take care of her at home. Actually, with just a little help, she could probably take care of herself, except for the trach.

However, after having spent some time at the rehab center, I’m having second thoughts about whether I couldn’t do a better job than the rehab center.

The thing with the trach is, if it gets clogged up, she could go into respiratory arrest. Someone has to be available to suction it ASAP. At this point, she’s unable to do that. If she came home, someone would have to be there at all times. Due to financial constraints, hiring a home health worker is not an option. That leaves me, my oldest daughter, and my brother. All three of us have day jobs.

The thing with the rehab center is, the only available room they have for her doesn’t have a working call button. In lieu of a working call button, they gave her one of those desk top bells. You know, the kind you ding when you walk in the door at the bait shop and no one's at the counter.

Obviously, I’m still getting my mind on top of all this.

UPDATE: My brother called shortly after noon, and they fixed her call button.

Posted by Marie at March 16, 2005 9:50 AM