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Monday, May 30, 2005

Peeing with mussels

This time of year, like so many other times of year, brings forth a rush of memories from the distant past.

In the forefront is the memory of our first camping trip. I think I was about six. Or, going on six. It was the first of many camping trips we would take over the next ten years. About ten years. Maybe less.

We took off from home right after my dad got off work on a Friday night. Several memories stand out from the trip. I remember the smell of a brand new four person tent bought at Sears. It was stuffy, but good.

After we went to bed that first night, a racoon invaded our campsite. It might as well have been a bear for all the racket it made.

While everyone else was sleeping on top of their fresh new sleeping bags, I suffered all hot and sweaty inside mine because I was too scared to sleep on top.

Also that first night, a big rain came through. A man, not my father, yelled out in a drunken slur, "it's a gully washer." This immediately conjured up a vision of our tent being washed away, down the hill, into the lake, with us sleeping in it.

I had my first experience with an outhouse on that trip. We all found out that I didn't have the stomach for the smell of an outhouse. It was a really bad outhouse. I just couldn't take that smell. Fortunately, there was a lake at the campground. Unfortunately, the lake was full of mussels. But, as much as I disliked swimming with mussels, it was a far better alternative than peeing in the stinky outhouse.

Posted by Marie at May 30, 2005 4:27 PM