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Friday, June 24, 2005


Ever so often we hear what Bianca Jagger is working on. She hasn't been sitting around for the last 25 years being a rock star's ex-wife. Hardly. A daughter and a mother, she also works hard as a human rights activist and humanitarian.

She came to Springfield in 1996 to lobby for clemency on behalf of Guinevere Garcia who was facing the death penalty in Illinois. Gov. Jim Edgar subsequently commuted her sentence to life without parole. I have to acknowledge that Edgar probably didn't consider Bianca's lobbying when he made his decision.

In a recent interview, Bianca has some cautionary thoughts on the Live8 concerts to be held on July 2nd, and "the club of mutual admiration" between Geldof and Bono and Bush and Blair. Interesting.

"[...] I am concerned that after the aid concerts and the G8 meeting the public will be left with the impression that we have gone a long way, we will feel wonderful and believe we have done our bit.
"Did Geldof and Bono read the small print about the imposition of privatisation and trade liberalisation that will continue to maintain the status quo in these countries?"

Wise words that definitely made me think about things differently. Often, we go totally gaga over big time rockers. And, we really think we've done our part when we throw a little money at a problem. Obviously, such is not always the case.

Posted by Marie at June 24, 2005 1:15 AM