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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Of canons, drums and flags

lincoln_tomb.jpg And somethign to do on Tuesday nights.

Today's SJR has a very nice write-up on the Tuesday night retreats at Abraham Lincoln's Tomb. (UNIT OF TIME: Reactivated Civil War regiment a summer staple at Lincoln Tomb.)

"As the sun sets behind the giant trees surrounding Abraham Lincoln's Tomb in Oak Ridge Cemetery, a group of men dressed in dark-blue wool military uniforms load their rifles in unison and fire to the fourth beat of a drum.
"The group reloads and waits for the drum signal again. After three volleys, some in the group fire a Civil War cannon, and three of the blue-clad soldiers step forward to lower the American and regimental flags that blow in the slight wind that swirls around the tomb."

It's been several years since I attended. As I recall, they played echo Taps at one I went to. Echo Taps is where one bugler, at the top of the hill, sounds his notes, pauses, then another bugler, at the bottom of the hill, sounds the same notes. And they go back and forth like that until the Taps are complete. If the sound of echo Taps doesn't grip your heart and put a lump in your throat, nothing will.

The event takes place every Tuesday evening from the first Tuesday in June to the last Tuesday in August. Not only is it a terrific learning experience, it is an awesome visual and aural spectacle, and one best enjoyed with kids and old folks. Highly recommended.

Posted by Marie at August 7, 2005 5:08 PM


Wow. My dad and I visited the tomb last September -- my first and only time. If I'd known about that event, we might have tried to make it down there for that. Someday, perhaps soon, I'll post my Illinois travelogue from last year.

Posted by: Dan at August 9, 2005 12:21 PM