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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The art of pen spinning

I'm a total amateur pen spinner. I've tried, but the pen usually goes flying across the room at some unsuspecting bystander. Either that, or I end up looking like a fake baton twirler with a tiny little baton.

Fortunately, detailed instructions for teaching yourself the art of pen spinning can be found at My favorite is the Charge Normal:

The pen rotates in place, clipped between the middle and ring finger. This is one of the most useful pen tricks to learn.

I'm working on it right now.

Via Lifehacker.

Posted by Marie at August 21, 2005 6:12 PM


I can see my supervisors face now as she walks into my cubicle and finds me spinning my pens on my desk with my earlobes, while simultaneously twirling pens from each nostril, and humming the star spangled banner.

Posted by: jeromeprophet at August 22, 2005 11:45 PM