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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Weblogs.com spam

Sometime back in June, I stopped pinging Weblogs.com for the simple reason that my pings to them had begun timing out. I figured I'd go back to it someday.

In light of the recently announced Google blog search tool getting its data from Weblogs.com, I decided to try pinging Weblogs.com again. Sadly, the post I sent a few minutes ago timed out.

So, I decided to visit Weblogs.com to get an idea of what's going on over there. Not that I expected any answers to jump out at me.

A quick glance down the list of recently updated weblogs from 10:24 p.m. to 10:29 p.m. shows 1,145 blogs during that time frame, including a massive quantity of spam-type blogs. I'm not even going to say the names or link to said blogs.

I did, however, risk life and limb and clicked on one of them – number 4 on the list, to be precise. Needless to say, I was shocked to see the last entry posted on said number 4 was from August 29, 2005. That is more than two weeks ago. It's a blogspot blog, too. What is the deal? Yeah, I know what the deal is. That was a rhetorical question asked in exasperation.

I have no idea if the spam in Weblogs.com is the source of my timing out problem or not. My gut instinct says it's probably not.

There is a way to hack MT to change the so-called time-out number. I just have to take the time to figure out where it is.

EDIT a few minutes later: I'm happy to report this post did get through to Weblogs.com without timing out. If I was prone to paranoia, I'd say, "ah ha!" But, I"m not. So, I won't. Screenshot:



Posted by Marie at September 14, 2005 9:37 PM