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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Rita: Saturday morning after

Nine hours after Hurricane Rita hit, we're watching live pictures on CNN via video phone of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Wind is blowing. Whitecaps are high. Water is starting to come up over the road. The cameraman just said, "the storm is intensifying." This is all before officials can survey any damage.

Even after I can't remember how many of these hurricanes, it's still amazing. the courage, (stupidity, some would say) of the people out in it is amazing. The technology is amazing. The devastation is amazing.

They're showing Galveston now. It looks good. Still windy. Some wind damage. Brick facade wiped off a building and spilling into a yard. Interesting. Because from here, it looks like old Chicago brick.

As of now they're calling Rita a Cat 1. Center of the storm is up around Jasper, Texas.

New Orleans is not unaffected. Rep. Bobby Jindal is on the ground in New Orleans. Eight feet of water in parts of the 9th ward. He's saying it will be June of next year (2006) before the levees are back to pre-Katrina levels.

Officials everywhere are telling evacuees to stay away at this point.

Back to Galveston. Press conference. There was a fire. One serious injury. A woman. Power lines down. The police are protecting the citizens' properties. Two fire fighters injured fighting the fire.

Houston press conference. The mayor. The judge. Do not return to Houston. The city will essentially be closed until at least Tuesday. School closings. The roads are backed up with people trying to return. No guarantee there will be gasoline. No reason to fear. Your property is being watched after. Colonel Noriega has the podium now.

Our hearts and prayer are with all the people affected by this hurricane.

Posted by Marie at September 24, 2005 12:15 PM


To all my kin in Jasper. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Mother has been trying to keep me posted on you all. Hope you are ok and not much mess to clean up. Love You Much,

Posted by: Marilyn at September 25, 2005 5:17 PM