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Monday, October 17, 2005

Nice fin


1959 Cadillac. Shot yesterday afternoon in the J.C. Penney parking lot, Springfield, Illinois.

According to, this is a Series 62 Convertible. Or, as I like to call 'em, Coupe de Convertible (okay, I just made that up). Cadillac made 11,130 of these for sale at $5,455. Wow!

[23hq: for a few more, including the uncropped version of this one]

More from 1959:

To know, know, know him is to love, love, love him
Just to see him smile, makes my life worthwhile
To know, know, know him is to love, love, love him
And I do


Why can't he see, how blind can he be
Someday he'll see that he was meant for me

-- Phil Spector (Recorded by The Teddy Bears in 1959)

Who knew?

Posted by Marie at October 17, 2005 9:38 PM


I like the picture but I gotta tell ya, I'm so glad fins are no longer one cars. They look like something out of Flash Gordon. What were car designers thinking?

Posted by: Kem White at October 18, 2005 11:39 AM

by the looks of that design engineers probably got into sex drugs and rock and roll before everyone else.

Posted by: T-Rexx at October 19, 2005 1:16 AM

Dangerous as all get out!

But I love the way they look.

That whole era was so optimistic, so forward looking.

I don't mean everyone, and everything - but the space age was in it's infancy, and automobiles were very much little works of art.

The average teardrop shaped sedan, or ugly utility or sports van today seems so souless by comparison.

Riding in a pink caddie with the ragtop down out in open country with some Elvis - now there's some fun.


Posted by: jeromeprophet at October 20, 2005 10:48 PM