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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Still going for that Admin Assist job

The administrative assistant job I previously blogged about showed up in my headlines again today. This time the link took me to a very well written job description on Seeing no mention of a master's degree requirement, I went ahead registered with iHispano.

After registering, I was taken to a link indicating that the company, "prefers for applicants to apply for this job (Administrative Assistant) via their corporate website." Excellent. Now we're getting somewhere. I clicked the link.

The link redirected me to the same page on that read, "The opportunity number you have entered is either no longer available or does not exist." Dang.

I decided to go ahead and take up on on its suggestion to try searching its site for the job. Searching for the exact phrase "administrative assistant" in Illinois (that's as geographically narrow as they get), and opting out of the e-mail offers, I click a right arrow.

There are 96 results, none of which are in or near Springfield.

Note: I don't want my family and friends to start panicking on my behalf. Just for the record, I'm not spending my days and nights trying to get this illusive administrative assistant job and nothing else. Although, I can see the pursuit of this one job turning into a career of its own. An unpaid career. But, still.

Posted by Marie at November 1, 2005 10:40 PM


I think you should apply to manage the Cubs. Not sure if you even like baseball -- but it would be an interesting job and you wouldn't be replacing anyone who's been a big success. The workplace has been widely described as friendly. Easy availability of Cracker Jack, peanuts, Frosty Malts, hot dogs and Old Style beer. You get to travel a lot on the job on the company's dime. I think there's even a uniform allowance. Downside is constant second-guessing and carping from all quarters. But hey, for six or seven figures a year, under contract, maybe you can tolerate a little grief.

Posted by: Dan at November 3, 2005 3:06 PM