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Monday, November 07, 2005

Rethinking the Stratton


Stratton Office Building, looking none too healthy, shot from the intersection of Monroe and College on an early Sunday evening in September, 2005. The Illinois State Capitol Building is to the left. The Stratton is more than twice as big as it appears in this shot. It's shaped like a huge "H," as in Hospital.

The matter of tearing down the Stratton Office Building and putting up something different is in the news again (CapitolFax: Stratton to be replaced?). I previously wrote about this on July 22, 2004, and September 18, 2005. This time, the State is going to hire an architect firm to do a study at a cost of a million dollars.

I want to clarify something I wrote in July 2004:

According to local lore, the then economy-minded state government saved on architect fees by purchasing a set of off the shelf blueprints for the building. Only thing, those blueprints were not created for the utilitarian office building that the SOB is. Instead, the blueprints were made for a hospital.

NumbersGuy, commenting on CapitolFax today said:

Gov. Strattton wanted a building on that spot early in his term as Gov and cut a deal to take money away from one of the State Hospitals' budgets for a high-rise "long-term care facility." Well, his deal was only partially successful. He got the money, but no more cash to redesign the by then complete architechural plans for the hospital building.

I believe that makes more sense than the state just trotting down to the blue print store, instead of commissioning plans, to save money. But, I still stand by my claim that the building could be used as Springfield's third hospital in case of a medical epidemic.

I'm sure some people would call me romantic, or foolish, for wanting to keep the building standing. And, I am romantic and foolish. But, not in this case. I just think the people who run state government should start being more frugal with our tax dollars.

Posted by Marie at November 7, 2005 8:09 PM