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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Never let your cell phone out of your sight

For five minutes.

In case anyone wasn't freaked out enough at the prospect of having their cell phone records bought, this might do it. It's the story of how a guy tracked his girlfriend throughout the day through her cell phone. How I stalked my girlfriend, by Ben Goldacre:

[...] There is no trace of what I'm doing on her phone. I can't quite believe my eyes: I knew that the police could do this, and telecommunications companies, but not any old random person with five minutes access to someone else's phone. I can't find anything in her mobile that could possibly let her know that I'm checking her location. As devious systems go, it's foolproof. I set up the website to track her at regular intervals, take a snapshot of her whereabouts automatically, every half hour, and plot her path on the map, so that I can view it at my leisure. It felt, I have to say, exceedingly wrong.

Very scary.

Via Concurring Opinions: Every breath you take, every call you make, I'll be watching you

Posted by Marie at February 2, 2006 11:35 PM