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Friday, February 03, 2006

Looking for Lincoln

And finding him through the lens of Greta Pratt.

Nineteen Lincolns is an amazing gallery of portraits of nineteen different Abraham Lincoln presenters. Each presenter is dressed in full Lincoln regalia, most with beards and stovepipes. All are set against a view of woods and prairie.

A little bit about the men in the photographs:

These men all belong to The Association of Lincoln Presenters. They are passionate about Lincoln and spend time studying, reading and performing for school groups, community celebrations, and senior citizen centers. Each one started this unusual occupation for a different reason, but all became completely immersed in the ideals of Abraham Lincoln.

The artist, Greta Pratt, is an accomplished photographer and author. She has authored two books of photographs, "Using History," and "In Search of the Corn Queen." See her Bio/CV for all her credits.

This is a very special Lincoln find. It would be great to see these photos come to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum as an exhibit.

Thank you, Joe, for letting me know about this.

Posted by Marie at February 3, 2006 10:23 PM