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Monday, March 20, 2006


One week and one day after the big tornado, we're supposed to get a blizzard starting at 9:00 p.m. tonight. Accumulations of 10 inches are expected in some places. We've been advised to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. It's now about 9:44 p.m., and no sign of snow. Standing by.

UPDATE 9:47 P.M.: I'm craving potato chips. Sadly, no potato chips in the house. Still no snow.

UPDATE 9:53 P.M.: Checking in with the National Weather Service. In bold red letters: Blizzard Warning Hazardous Weather Outlook.

UPDATE 10:04 P.M.: The local TV news is wondering what the city and county are doing. Then, finds out and reports. They will cover 250 miles of roads. We have 250 miles of roads in our county! We have salt. Trucks. Plows. People. 40 drivers. 20 routes. Again, this is all during the recovery from the tornado.

UPDATE 11:06 P.M.: It is snowing.

UPDATE 11:08 P.M.: It's snowing bad. Windy, too.

UPDATE 11:13 P.M.: Regretting that I waited too long to go the gas station to buy some potato chips. Also, I'd love a Tabasco Slim Jim right now. And, a Dolly Madison individual cinnamon raisin coffee cake. Blizzard food.

UPDATE Tues 12:18 A.M.: Still snowing. Signing off.

Posted by Marie at March 20, 2006 9:43 PM