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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tornado: Fake photos [updated]

Apparently, there's a fake photo of last week's tornado making the rounds in e-mail. I, myself, have not yet received my copy. But, that's okay since shoo has the photo on his blog, together with reasons why it could not possibly be the tornado that hit Springfield.

Not to be oudone by the fakester, shoo's compadres have submitted more realistic fake photos of the tornado.

UPDATE Friday, March 24, 2006: The photo has stepped out of the realm of e-mail and leapt into real life. Allie and I had lunch at Jungle Jim's today. The owner was examining a grainy print on plain copy paper of the photo. Allie recognized it immediately and told him it's a fake. He then came over to our table where she pointed out the various elements of its fakery. Another diner, an older lady, came over to our table and confirmed the fakeness of it. Yet another diner yelled over to us that the e-mail had gone around to everyone at the hospital where she works. Jungle Jim was quite gleeful to inform his son, who seemed a little disappointed. A good lunch was had by all.

Posted by Marie at March 22, 2006 8:54 PM