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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Following Lincoln

Cleaning out my Lincoln folder:

  • Abu Bakar of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in a letter to the editor calls Lincoln the "pathfinder of democracy" in noting Nepal's strife to gain democracy. (Daily Star: Nepal wins democracy.)
  • Apparently, Warren Buffett has purchased an important manufacturing corporation in the town of Galilee. Some people are concerned about what the deal will do to jobs, the economy, Israeli identity, among other things. Buffett defends himself. In the process, we find this notation about the seller: "Even as a second-generation industrialist, Eitan Wertheimer is something of the Abe Lincoln of the Israeli corporate world. He was born in a ramshackle house, a poor kid in the backwater town of Nahariya...." (Haaretz: Warren Buffett: Dire threat to Israel. [pop-up warning])
  • Mahlon Bickford of Clinton, Maine, finds George Bush's position that most of Iraq is calm akin to Lincoln saying something like, "Our great country is largely at peace. It is only in a few of the eastern states where we have a problem." Noting that wasn't the case and he didn't say it. ( Bush administration clueless on state of Iraq.)
  • Mike Pound of the Joplin Globe hacks on presidential photo ops (and presidential hopefuls'), including: "Who can forget that classic Mathew Brady photo of Abraham Lincoln sitting around eating hardtack with a bunch of Union soldiers at Gettysburg?" (Mike Pound: Presidential photo 'ops' are really 'oops.')

Well, if nothing else, following Lincoln around can be educational. Who among us knew democracy found its way to Nepal?

Posted by Marie at May 7, 2006 6:32 PM


A friend from Panama told me about your blog/website and I came here.

I have found, over my 72 years, that a lot of people who seem to know something about my cousin, President Lincoln.

Your site offers a different perspective.

Posted by: Abraham Lincoln at May 10, 2006 6:41 AM