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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Conversation with a kid

Me: How old are you?
Kid: Seven.
Me: What school do you go to?
Kid: I'm out of school.
Me: No. I mean when school starts in the fall.
Kid: No. I'm really out of school.
Me: Uh, you mean you've already graduated from...
Kid: High school?

Kid: Do you think it's weird Tony Hawk skateboards for money?
Me: No. But, what do you mean?
Kid: Well, he's got a mom and dad.
Me: So, you're saying his mom and dad should give him...
Kid: Money?

Me: Do you have a skateboard, yourself?
Kid: Yeah.
Me: Where did you get it?
Kid: Walmart.
Me: What kind is it?
Kid: A Sponge Bob.
Me: Do you think Tony Hawk has a Sponge Bob skateboard?
Kid: Nooooooooo.

Me: Have you ever played Tetris for Gameboy?
Kid: No. What is it?
Me: Well, it's not an action game or anything like that.
Kid: What does it do?
Me: It will change your focus and possibly make you smarter.
Kid: Can you write that down for me?
Me: Yeah. Or, you can since you've already graduated...
Kid: [roaring laughter]

Kid: Hey, have you ever seen an armadillo?
Me: No. Have you?
Kid: Yeah.
Me: Wow! Have you been to Texas?
Kid: Nope.
Me: Have you been to Arizona?
Kid: Nope.
Me: Have you been to Mexico?
Kid: Nope.
Me: Have you been to...
Kid: Arkansas?
Me: They have armadillos in Arkansas?
Kid: Oh, yeah. Dead ones.

Posted by Marie at June 21, 2006 7:46 PM