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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Five things on a Saturday night

  1. This town is being overrun by raccoons
  2. I have an LED flashlight that reaches far into the dark
  3. Do they still make seven year light bulbs?
  4. Someone stole our good garbage can
  5. I feel funk

Posted by Marie at August 26, 2006 11:53 PM


OMIGOD ... you're so right! We had to have our roof replaced because racoons had chewed holes in it. They're horrible little beasts ... and everytime I see one that's been run over on the side of the road ... I cheer.

Posted by: ThirtyWhat at August 27, 2006 9:22 AM

4) That was inconsiderate of them but hopefully they'll use it for its intended purpose.

Posted by: Rob at August 27, 2006 10:52 AM

1. The summer we moved out into our house in the woods -- another '60s tale -- the raccoons loved our place. We had platoons of them showing up to sample the new neighbors' garbage; one night, we counted 22 in our driveway at one time. We tried putting spring-loaded tops on the garbage cans to keep the critters from strewing our trash everywhere, but that was child's play for them. Finally, after about three months we got the first two of what turned out to be many, many dogs. Never had a raccoon show up again. Here in the city, it's different; we've got lots of raccoons around, and city dogs don't worry them since they're all tied up or inside for the night.

2. I've got an awesome one I use as a bike headlight. The

3. Hmmm. Did they ever? On the other hand, we have a light on our back porch that was in our old garage when we moved in in 1988, and it still works.

4. You have to mix your meth batch in *something.*

5. As opposed to THE funk?

Posted by: Dan at August 27, 2006 3:32 PM

Dan, interesting about the dogs and racoons. We used to have all kinds of stray dogs running around all night and day. Now, I can't remember the last time I saw a dog not on a leash. Obviously, there's some kind of a causal (or non-causal) effect there.


I told my daughter I'd like to think some racoon got it's neck stuck in the handle of the garbage can and is forever saddled with a 55 gallon plastic garbage can on its back.

Posted by: Marie at August 27, 2006 4:31 PM