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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Oakdale Elementary, Salina, Kansas


Then: Under construction by the Johnson Bros. Construction Co., Salina, Kans. I'm guessing this photo was taken in the early 1930's. Or, earlier. I'm no expert in construction, but that is not how schools, or any buildings, for that matter, are thrown together today. Also note, instead of a construction trailer, the contractor's temporary office built out of what appears to be cedar wood. I love that wooden barrel in the foreground.

Check it out now: usd305.com/oakdale. It's still there. Finished. And, probably unchanged. I wonder how they got the construction plans. Was there an architect. I'm sure the school board must have come up with the plans. But, that building looks more like a parochial school, or even a church, than a public school.

Here are two articles that reference the Johnson Brothers Construction Co:

Hmm. Now I wonder if my 1930's dating of the above picture is off by a decade or two. I suppose a quick call to Kansas would be easy enough. No. I just talked myself out of it. I'm sure it's the early 30's.

Posted by Marie at September 9, 2006 11:53 PM


My dad's mother was a Johnson. Her brothers had a construction company in Salina. This photo was with my dad's box of photos. Noted on the back was "Oakdale Grade School, Salina, Kansas." That's how I was able to find the school as it is today.

The Johnsons were always a mystery to my dad. He may have met them once or twice when he was a boy. When he got older and had a family of his own, he tried to find them, but with no success. Fifteen or so years after my dad died, the great-grandson of my dad's mom's brother found me. As it turned out, my dad's first cousin always knew there was a Carnes out there somewhere, but didn't know where. The two cousins, having never connected as adults, died within months of each other.

Posted by: Marie at September 10, 2006 1:09 AM

I was in Salina by accident once. I was going backpacking in Colorado with my roommate and his then fiance. We were on I-70 going west. He was driving; I was sleeping in the backseat having nodded off just as we passed through Kansas City, KS. When I woke up, I got out the map and tried to figure out where we were by looking at the exits and cross-roads and trying to find them on the map. It took me five minutes to figure out we had gotten on some interstate that was taking us southwest toward Witchita. To get back on I-70, we had to take a state route that took us through Salina. We didn't stay. The detour cost us 3 hours.

Posted by: Kem White at September 11, 2006 7:16 PM