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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dandelions among the tulips

dandelions_tulips.jpg I've been thinking about linking and blogrolls and Google and things.

Thanks to Rick Klau, I found a very interesting analysis of one of Google's patent applications. And, helpful, too. The article (How Google Blogsearch ranks your posts... In their own words) delves into the weight Google gives to blogrolls. One of the conclusions is particularly noteworthy: "... Google knows about blogrolls and respects the fact that bloggers use them to indicate respect/trust/honour for/to other blogs. Blogrolls matter." I knew that. I just wish I would have said it.

So, what does it mean if you link to a blog that is unworthy of Google? Or, one that has been blacklisted by Google? Well, I think it means your own Google worthiness could go down.

Along those lines, a good blog to read is that of Matt Cutts. Matt is the chief engineer of Google's web spam team. Especially interesting is what he has to say about "no follow." Hey, I actually read this stuff. I can't help myself.

Just throwing these thoughts out there if anyone is interested.


Little girls and boys come out to play, yes
Bring your dandelions to blow away
Dandelion don't tell no lies
Dandelion will make you wise
Tell me if she laughs or cries
Blow away dandelion, blow away dandelion

Blow away dandelion
Blow away dandelion
Blow away dandelion

-- Jagger/Richards

Posted by Marie at April 19, 2007 11:57 PM