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Thursday, April 26, 2007

On the Springfield, Illinois web site

Dave Bakke of the State Journal-Register nails the City of Springfield with a grade of D for its web site (SRJ: City gets poor grade on its Web presence). Particularly troubling to Bakke is the fact that the site reads like a campaign brochure for our mayor. It's an interesting article.

Around the Springfield blogosphere: Iggy is disturbed by the lack of RSS feeds and a proper search function from the City, and rightly so. Dave of the 11th Hour duly notes the fact that the Journal doesn't even provide a link to the city web site in the article. Yeah, really. Russ, in comments to Dave's post, thinks he knows someone who could spruce it up.

And therein lies the problem. Well, what I mean is, who's running the City of Springfield web site? Obviously, it's not someone who is overly concerned with cutting edge web sites, or at the very least, modern web development. Such a person might devote some effort to:

Check the web site of the city of Springfield, Missouri, which has a section called "ADA Text." I haven't tested it for accessability, but that's the idea. I don't use a screen reader (yet), but I can tell just by looking at Springfield, Illinois's site that the city's webmaster hasn't given any thought to blind people.

Personally, I would like to see a section specifically devoted to citizens who need and use city services, and a section devoted to visitors.

For starters, put documents related to the City Clerk's Office and business surrounding the City Council on RSS feeds. Put the press releases on RSS feeds. In addition to the contact information for the press agent (Ernie Slottag), include links in those press releases pointing to where citizens can take advantage of all the mayor's wonderful initiatives.

There's a lot of improvement to be made there. I hope the mayor is listening.

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i need info on what Springfield look like!

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