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Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007 weekend five

  1. Watched way too much Patton, which seems to be running almost non-stop on A&E.
  2. Went to the cemetery.
  3. Just spotted these photos from recently un-embedded Getty photographer, Joe Raedle. Particularly interesting is the first photo because it features Marine Adrian Bohanan from Springfield, Illinois. Also, check the smile on that Wisconsin beauty in the second photo. Beautiful.
  4. I'd have much preferred it if they would have shown Private Benjamin, instead. See next item.
  5. Most on my mind: Allie has joined the United States Army and leaves for boot camp this week. My thoughts and feelings are so jumbled, I don't know if I'm more scared for her or more proud of her, but I'm definitely both.

That was in opposite order of importance, by the way. Obviously.

Listening to: CCR. What else.

Posted by Marie at May 28, 2007 11:29 PM


Raedle took some great photos. You're right. That second one is beautiful.

AllTheBest to Allie. Also the opposite order of importance. :)

Posted by: Rob Author Profile Page at May 29, 2007 6:16 AM

All my best to Allie. She'll do well, you needn't worry. Though you will, and I can respect that.

Posted by: Ben at May 29, 2007 10:19 PM

Good luck to both Allie and you. I'm sure she'll make you even more proud than you already are. And you're right, "Patton" was on all weekend. (Sort of like "Forrest Gump" which I think the FCC now requires be on TV 24/7.)

Posted by: Kem White at May 30, 2007 7:00 AM

Re: 5. I don't think I'd be able to sleep for awhile. Good luck to you and your daughter, Marie.

Posted by: Dan at May 30, 2007 2:34 PM

Ahh, that's where she's going. I saw the blog and the photo but was clueless. Good luck Allie!

Posted by: shoo at May 30, 2007 4:59 PM

And also, not to bypass "Patton" entirely. I saw part of it again sometime in the past year or so. What a bloated, pompous, self-important, hackneyed Hollywood movie it was; especially considering how ga-ga people were about it when it came out. Of course, most of those World War II-themed big-studio blockbusters (the second wave of them, anyway, like "The Longest Day" and "The Battle of the Bulge" and even "A Bridge Too Far") look pretty bad now; so formulaic and stilted and full of predictable writing and crappy acting ("A Bridge Too Far" compelled Gene Hackman to adopt a Polish accent; unmercifully, his character survived his encounter with the Germans). Or maybe it's just looking at all those movies against more recent ones that seem, for now, to stand up better: "Saving Private Ryan," "Band of Brothers," even the occasionally histrionic "Thin Red Line" (haven't seen the latest Eastwood duo). Makes you wonder how *those* movies will look in 30 or 40 years.

On the plus side, I could watch "Stalag 17," "The Bridge on the River Kwai," and "The Great Escape" any time and still find them somewhat fresh and interesting (though "The Great Escape"" is just as hackneyed as those others I mentioned; the difference is McQueen and the motorcycle. And Otto Preminger as the camp commandant).

Posted by: Dan at May 30, 2007 5:36 PM

Thank you everyone for your friendly words and good wishes. Allie left today. I miss her so much.

Dan, agree on Stalag and River Kwai. I have yet to actually sit through an entire showing of The Great Escape.

One of the absolute worst military/war movies was The Fighting Seabees. Despite the headliners (John Wayne and Susan Hayword), and setting aside for a very brief moment the conspicuously offensive display of bigotry, this movie was dismal, at best. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that it was a war movie made during wartime. I don't know. My dad was a Seabee and he loved that movie. Maybe it's a generational thing.

But, you gotta know, movies like Private Benjamin and Coming Home were made for people like me. Another generational thing, maybe.

Posted by: Marie at May 30, 2007 9:35 PM

I'm just now catching up from the weekend and caught this post. What a tough one...I feel for you. When The Eldest left for boot camp I didn't handle it well at all, and at that point there was no war on. Be proud, and we'll pray that this mess is over before she would possibly face the possibility of going there.

There are some definite benefits to serving -- it's paid for a lot of his education, post-enlistment.

Hugs your way!

Posted by: Karoli at May 31, 2007 2:01 AM

thank you everyone for all of your well wishes. there was some mix up in my paper work. so they moved my ship date to tomorrow (friday). oh boy, what a way to start out in the military. i wanted to tell everyone that i am going to start out as a medic, then enter the LPN program. so no one should worry too much. i have been up since 4 this morning and i have to get up at 4 tomorrow, so i am overdue for a nap. again, thank you everyone, for your good thoughts.

ps i may get to use my cell phone on sundays. woot!!!!

Posted by: allie at May 31, 2007 3:57 PM