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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gatehouse is in your house

And, in your office, car, bathroom, bird cage and face:

Geez. Via Peoria Pundit and Capitol Fax Blog, who said, "A few months ago, I had never heard of Gatehouse Media. Now, its an Illinois empire."

Click the graphic to get a bigger picture of Gatehouse's Illinois media empire.

Posted by Marie at July 12, 2007 11:54 PM


Particularily disturbing is their ownership of the Springfield Journal-Register. As Illinois newspapers over the years have reduced their presence in Springfield (closing bureaus, etc.) the public is losing its media watchdog on the politicians.

Given Gatehouse's enormous debt and its committment to exorbinant profit margins, expect "enhancements" (that's cuts to the rest of the planet) to the Journal-Register, further lessening taxpayer and voter ability to monitor our politicians (who as you know always do a fine, fine job, especially with the state budget these days). If you believe that an informed public is key to a healthy democracy (locally and nationally), you should be concerned.

The lack of other voices is also disturbing, and this chart doesn't include the latest acquisitions by Gatehouse of the Times newspapers. For instance, if you live in Peoria and want news not controlled by Gatehouse, the nearest outlet is the Bloomington Pantagraph, which doesn't cover much in the Peoria, Fulton, Mason, Woodford and Tazewell County areas.

Posted by: Joel Steinfeldt at July 13, 2007 9:54 AM