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Friday, September 07, 2007

Rick Rescorla

Initially, I was only going to bookmark an article about Rick Rescorla. However, after having spent the last hour reading and hearing more, decided it was best to do a blog entry with some links.

  • It's that book upon which the Mel Gibson Vietnam movie, "We Were Soldiers" is based. I know some people didn't like the movie. But, I did. Anyway, as is often the case with movies based on books, the book is reportedly better.
  • Back to the Mudville article, I found the link to "Voice of the Prophet," a video interview Rick Rescorla did in 1998 from his office in the World Trade Center. He begins by talking about his time in Vietnam and ends by discussing why it's impossible for the U.S. to be the "world's top cop" now. His words from 1998 are jam packed with insight which our leaders would do well to heed today.
  • By this time I'm beginning to get the picture that Rick Rescorla was a pretty experienced and smart person. So, I did a quick search for his last name on YouTube which lead me to "911 - the men who saw it coming: Rick Rescorla" which is a ten minute clip of a History Channel show.

Before tonight I had never even heard of Rick Rescorla - until I read a brief article on Far From Perfect pointing to the first article. Thanks, Doc. Again.

Posted by Marie at September 7, 2007 11:58 PM