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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Up to no good? [updated]

don't do anything stupid That's a screenshot from a stats program that runs on this site. Check out today's hits compared to the rest of the month.

This blog is usually good for an average of about 200 visits a day. Things usually pick up a little in May. But, I've never seen anything quite like this. As of about 11:30 tonight, there were almost 2300 "visits." It started about 7:00 this morning.

So, why the surge in traffic? School is letting out and it's time to pull some pranks. They're all going to this post.

Just one word of advice to those pondering doing something illegal: THINK!

pranks_post_stat_later.jpg Updated:

About 24 hours later. And that was that.

Posted by Marie at May 22, 2008 11:56 PM


Wow, Marie. That is so interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I'm always so interested in reading how people came to our blog. It's amazing to me how mass consciousness works. The idea that across the country there are so many seniors with the same thoughts on their minds. Very interesting.

Posted by: John at May 23, 2008 9:48 AM

well, you know, i went to the same high school you did. and during my time at that school i believe there were no real pranks. i think it was the summer before i started when they stole the spartan head. but other than that, they werent doing pranks anymore. i didnt realize that was still something popular. am i getting old?

Posted by: allie at May 23, 2008 11:31 AM

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