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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Speeches on the brain

We went out to a road construction site to listen to a series of speeches. I think it was somewhere around the I-55 and I-72 interchange, but further south. The first thing I noticed when we got to the place was how the land was totally decimated. It looked more like a desert with a lot of bulldozers and other assorted heavy equipment than the lush green countryside of Central Illinois. The sun was shining bright and it was hot and dusty.

I sat in a row of chairs along the roadbed next to a husband and wife. The first speaker stood on a low stage behind a bank of microphones talking about something, but his words were indiscernible. I noticed Allie and Laura were wandering around. My mom was there wandering around, too, but I couldn't see where she'd gone to. So, I decided to be rude and wander around too.

I discovered the entrance to what appeared to be an underground tunnel. Weird. I went in and was suddenly in a huge cavernous space. It was the size of the Sears Tower laid on its side. There was a lot of activity by men in camouflage, including one in full flak gear pointing an automatic rifle with a scope at my head. I held my arms straight out to my sides and silently backed out of the tunnel. However, I got a pretty good look at some of the things in that space. Amongst lots of steel shelves and hundreds of unopened wooden crates, there was was a C-130 cargo plane and the president's helicopter.

Hillary Clinton was now on the podium so I went back to the row of seats by the couple. I noticed the only other people in attendance were three women who were standing on the other side of the road and about 30 people from the press. I asked the couple if they had come out to see Hillary speak. The man said, "no. We're here because we're going to be attacked on Friday." I nodded my head like I knew what he was talking about.

I got up to go look for Allie and Laura and my mom. And then I woke up and the sun was blazing through the windows and it was hot and there was Hillary Clinton on TV giving a speech.

Posted by Marie at June 7, 2008 8:41 PM


Good one, Marie. Someday maybe I'll write up my dream about the Nixon assassination. (Yes, really.)

Posted by: Dan at June 8, 2008 10:33 PM

I would love to hear that one, Dan. And, as a sidenote, I think it's safe to tell now that Nixon has passed on of natural causes.

Posted by: Marie at June 9, 2008 1:37 AM