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Friday, October 03, 2008

John McCain must not be president: Part 1

One reason John McCain must not be president: His choice of Sarah Palin as vice president. It was not because she has the substance to lead the nation. She does not. It was not because she has the character to be the leader of the free world. Again, she does not. It was not because she may be the country's foremost energy expert. She is not.

John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate was a stunt to promote John McCain. And, it seems to have worked to some degre. I mean, it certainly gave him and his candidacy a new vibrance and exuberance that was sorely lacking before.

I'm not knocking Palin personally and I hope it doesn't sound like I am. The Republican base seems to love her. She's cute. She's sharp. She appears to have a genuine charisma that far surpasses John McCain's.

But, no matter how much she or John McCain or the Republican base try to kid themselves, and us, she is definitely not qualified to be Vice President or President in these times.

She is, however, qualified to be governor of Alaska. In fact, she is totally zoned in on Alaska and all that entails. I recall an early news item of someone asking her if she wanted to be Vice President. Her response was something to the effect of, "well, we'll have to see if that's good for Alaska." Now, whenever I hear her say "America" or "Americans," I feel like in her mind she's wishing she could really be saying Alaska or Alaskans.

Sarah Palin has not devoted her life, or college years, or working career, or whatever, to studying our nation and all its qualities and history and problems and ports and shores and weather and markets and commerce and farms and lakes and rivers and industries. And its people! Sarah has devoted herself to Alaska and its people.

Sarah Palin, despite her proximity to Russia and Canada (love them both), and despite being paraded through the United Nations, has not devoted sufficient effort to figuring out where America stands with the rest of the world, our allies and our enemies.

Sarah Palin is not up to speed on the economy or national security or the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan or.... Sarah Palin's knowledge in all sorts of matters of state is elementary, if at all, compared to the other women and men John McCain could have chose.

These are not things you become immersed in by watching the 6:00 news. These are not things you can just gloss over by being coached by a political aide.

John McCain has referred to her as the foremost expert on energy in this country, or something similar to that. Sarah Palin, in the debate last night with Joe Biden, explained that qualification by referring to herself as "governor of an energy-producing state." Of course. I think all of the states are now producing energy. Come to Illinois where Barack Obama is from. We, too, are an energy producing state. We have wind, solar, water, coal, nuclear, corn, oil, and refineries.

And, one more thing about that Alaskan oil. How is becoming dependent on oil from Alaska any better than being dependent on oil from the Middle East? Oil from Alaska is not the solution to our oil dependency problem. It's all going to run out some day. (Especially if Alaska somehow manages to pull off a succession move. Okay, that's pretty far fetched. But, think about it.)

Should John McCain become unable to act as president for any reason, Sarah Palin's inexperience would make her easy prey for the same damn vultures that have been trying to turn this country into a carcass for the last eight years.

Well, I have to stop there for now because that brings me to another of my reasons, which will have to wait for another day. And, if by some chance I don't get to the other parts in this series, they are about:

Part Two: John McCain's explosive temperament would not only be a major detriment to the presidency, both domestically and internationally, it could get us blown off the globe.

Part Three: Something about maverick or reformer or rich people or corporations or paying back benefactors or something.

Part Five: John McCain lacks a major characteristic that is absolutely, positively essential to run this country on behalf of all the people.

Posted by Marie at October 3, 2008 11:58 PM


But Marie she can see Russia from an island in Alaska that she has never been to. And when Putin rears his head in our airspace, where you you think he goes to first? Alaska. Isn't that not important?

Posted by: Palmer Blevins at October 4, 2008 2:11 AM

Excellent, Marie.

I believe it was Keith Olbermann who said that most college graduates who were provided with the same few days of intensive coaching as Palin was could have performed as well, or better, in a debate.

I look forward to your follow-up post, because I have a fear that McCain has become irrelevant to this election. It's Palin vs. Obama/Biden, and a scary number of people have succumbed to her charms. I don't know that the GOP is even concerned with having him do anything to disrupt her momentum.

Posted by: nancy at October 4, 2008 8:15 AM

Spot on, Marie

Posted by: Dave at October 4, 2008 5:25 PM

Thank you Palmer, nancy, and Dave.

Posted by: Marie at October 4, 2008 10:50 PM

Here's an idea: Obama should drop Biden, name Tina Fey to the ticket and insist on another debate. Fey is a brilliant comic and also, by all reports, a brilliant person. Maybe Alec Baldwin could be secretary of the Treasury or something.

(Seriously -- I really like the election stuff your doing.)

Posted by: Dan at October 7, 2008 11:02 AM

Dan, that is a Saturday Night Live skit if I ever heard one. Hilarious!

Posted by: Marie at October 7, 2008 7:01 PM