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Sunday, November 02, 2008

John McCain must not be president: The end

Okay, so I skipped Parts 2, 3 and whatever. It's too exhausting for me to go negative. Maybe it's a lame excuse, but it's all I got. I do find it interesting that some people can go so negative and keep it up. I don't know how they do it, but they sure do. It's just not me.

Here's Part 1.

And here's the end. Electing John McCain on Tuesday will delay by at least four years a new beginning for this country - a new beginning that we should have been on at least by the turn of the current century, and that includes energy, technology, and the economy. We should be so much farther along than we are now. It is the 21st Century. Let's get with it. John McCain does not have it in him to take on the the kind of work and the amount of work that will be required to fix this country. I am so afraid that with John McCain, the next four years will be much the same as the last eight. We just cannot take any more of that. It is time to start our future!

I want to clarify one thing that sort of goes along with this. Someone told me that George Bush wouldn't want another four years as president. Maybe so. But, the force that has been running this country throughout his administration, and his father's, and Richard Nixon's, would. And, if they can't have George Bush for another four years, they'll just have to take McCain. That is a huge reason why McCain must not be president.

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