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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Illinois with your rivers gently flowing

And your everything else in a state of bleeping turmoil.

For most of us in Illinois, we expected the governor to be arrested a long time ago. We wanted it. We hoped for it. We were sure it was going to happen any minute. It even got to the point where we often could be found issuing tired one liners about it on the blogs and message boards and talk radio. But nothing happened. We got used to nothing happening. We settled into a life of nothing happening. Then last Tuesday, it happened. And, well, needless to say, we were in shock. That shock was partly due to the fact that it actually happened, and partly due to the reasons for the governor's arrest.

Since then, everyone from the national talking heads to local politicians to the old guys at the corner tavern have been spinning and spinning and spinning about it. Some state politicians even took their spinning to the Sunday talk shows today.

So, tonight is the eve of a new work week. Ideally, the governor will go into his office tomorrow and send a fax to the other constitutional officers announcing his resignation. He would quietly fade away. (Possibly even pile the family into the station wagon and take them on a winter camping trip for two weeks to one of Illinois' fine state parks while all the press settles down, the state gets back on track, and everyone resumes whatever it was they were doing before.)

Since this is Illinois and there's nothing ideal about this situation, most of us are bracing for the governor to just continue working as if nothing happened. The legislature will try to pass legislation limiting his ability to appoint a U.S. Senator. But he won't sign it if it does get passed. The Illinois Supreme Court may get involved in removing the governor. But, probably not. The legislature may even try to bring impeachment proceedings. Who knows how quick that process will be or even if it will work.

I'm just saying we need to prepare to be in this kind of turmoil for the long haul. And if somehow the governor resigns and everything else falls into place, we can all be pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Marie at December 14, 2008 9:22 PM


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