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Thursday, February 19, 2009

City counts chickens, waits for eggs to hatch

The City of Springfield passed its budget this week for the next fiscal year (SJ-R: City passes budget; telecom tax hiked):

“We passed a balanced budget without raising property taxes, without raising sales tax,” [Mayor Tim] Davlin said after the vote. “We’ve done it basically using our crown jewel, City Water, Light and Power.
“I think every time somebody goes and makes a utility payment, they realize that’s one way that we’re being able to keep our taxes down. I think it’s good for the entire city.”

I'm sure I'll be perceived as dissing the city's "crown jewel" when I say this: Don't you think you should wait to count the cash until you make sure the thing actually does what it's supposed to do?

The city-owned Dallman 4, expected to be completed this year, is expected to rake in millions of dollars annually from selling surplus power....

Hey, I'm not saying it's going to blow up or anything like that when they do flip the switch some time later this year and after the fiscal year starts. But, things do happen. I'm sure the thing will work perfectly.

(For the record, I have always tooted Springfield's horn for owning its own electric and water plants. However, we're entering a new era with the new power plant. So, I'd be cautious until it gets up and running. Also, I'm not even getting into the fact that everyone thought selling excess power would be used to lower our electric rates.)

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