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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What kids say about their parents

From the Lincolns:

Robert Todd Lincoln, the eldest son, was the only one of the four to reach manhood. He was also the only one of the four to be outside the family circle, almost a stranger in his own family. Many explanations have been given for this distance, ranging from the fact that his father had been away from home during his early years, creating a distance between the two which never healed, to the idea that he was more like his mother's family, the aristocratic Todds of Kentucky.
Whatever the reason, Robert often seemed to distance himself from his famous father. According to Jerrold M. Packard in his book "The Lincolns in the White House," Robert told a group of upperclassmen at Harvard who asked was sort of man his father was, Robert replied he was "the queerest old cuss you ever saw." (Canton Daily Ledger: Lincoln’s sons showed individual personalities, by Larry Eskridge.)

There's a lesson there.

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