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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the heat of oratory

Since last we inquired, we've learned of many pardons granted by Abraham Lincoln. One such pardon was on behalf of Attorney Prince L. Hudgins of Missouri. Attorney Hudgins was charged with seditious conspiracy.

Quoting the Missouri Historical Review as reported by 21st Century Abe, in part:

“The President didn’t believe in holding Missourians to strict account for what they might have said in the heat of oratory. Prince L. Hudgins, a lawyer quite well known in the war period, was charged with conspiring against the government. He wrote to President Lincoln explaining that the charge was based on a speech he had made in St. Joseph several months before the law under which he was being prosecuted was enacted...."

We should all be so easily forgiven for things we say in the heat of oratory. Click the link to see the pardon request and Lincoln's notes regarding same. 21st Century Abe is on Twitter and is a project of the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia.

While we're on the subject of presidential pardons, it should be noted that we're still waiting for Barack Obama to issue his first presidential pardons.

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