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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Boots on the Ground by Dusk (a reading)

Page 41:

[...] As they were getting ready to begin operations, one of their vehicles, a Humvee mounted with a .50-caliber machine gun, wouldn't start. The unit mechanic determined that the vehicle needed a new fuel pump, and one was flown in by a supply helicopter. But the pump didn't solve the problem. Kevin's vehicle towed the Humvee using tow straps.

An interruption [loud, knowledgeable]: Aw, man, that shit happens all the time!
Reader: Yeah.
Interrupter [softly, sober]: But it shouldn't.

Page 56:

Seconds after Pat threw the [smoke] grenade, the firing stopped. Believing the soldiers in the vehicle recognized the smoke, Pat and O'Neal got up, and Pat came out from behind the rock to run up the hill toward the enemy. Again, the guns from the vehicle started firing. Pat again was yelling, "Cease fire, friendlies! Cease fire! I'm Pat fucking Tillman, damn it!"

Interrupter: Read that part again.

I look at Bailey through tear-filled eyes, and my body starts to shudder. Bailey pauses, gauges our reactions, and then continues. Pat was hit in the legs and fell in a crouched position. There was another lull in fire. O'Neal could hear Pat trying to speak. The soldiers in the vehicle suddenly opened up again as they drove down the road, shooting at the houses in the village, hitting the radio operator and Uthlaut before coming to a halt.
O'Neal heard what sounded like running water coming from the rock, and then he realized he was covered in blood.
Pat had been shot three times in the head. Kevin had already gone over the last moments of Pat's life. I knew what to expect. Yet the details coming from Lieutenant Colonel Bailey are utterly jarring.

They're restless now. They've had it with this officer coming into somebody's mom's home like this. They want nothing to do with him. For now. Distracted, they look out the window where a woman is walking her dog. They want to live the moment, to hear the bullets flying. Mostly, they want to feel the pain. They start talking.

From Boots on the Ground by Dusk - My Tribute to Pat Tillman by Mary Tillman with Narda Zacchino.


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holy fucking shit!

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