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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tanning tea

This may be old hat to most people, but no one ever told me about tanning tea before. From Avatar Teas:

In-home British self-tanning with our special tanning-tea-bags!
Two great British traditions: pastry, white legs and a nice cup of tea! What genius, then, that one can benefit the other. This (PG) tip comes straight from your grandmother's wartime book of radiance on a ration card and works as well today as it did in 1940.

Um, that's three things. But maybe only two of them are British things? Anyway, you make the tea, then when it cools, you sponge it onto your skin, wake up the next morning, and voila, you've got a "caramel-bronzy look." I'm going to do my face. No I'm not.

I found the Avatar Tea Company at the Illinois Department of Agriculture's Illinois Markets website. And, I found Illinois Markets via an article on the SJ-R, Looking for a holiday food gift? Remember Illinois.

Sidenote: Another Bloomington food company is the fabulous Beer Nuts, maker of the the best bar food ever invented, Beer Nuts. Apparently, Beer Nuts has expanded their offerings since I knew them, as you can now furnish your home with a Beer Nuts high table and bar stools. Wow.

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