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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another invasion


My daughter asked me why I hadn't said anything about our involvement in Libya. In prior U.S. military missions, I always felt I knew enough about what was going on -- politically and militarily -- to form an opinion for myself. But on this one, I don't know. So, I answered her with the ultimate cop-out, ask me when it's over.

But, one thing I think we can all agree on is that Gadhafi must go. So, let me ask you this, if Gadhafi is not the intended target, why not?

Posted by Marie at March 20, 2011 10:19 PM


I don't want American troops on the ground in Libya in any capacity. No invasion, no peacekeepers, no troops whatsoever.

Gadhafi is absolutely a target.

Posted by: Rob Author Profile Page at March 21, 2011 11:11 AM

Gadhafi isn't an official target because that would exceed the mandate from the UN. I think it's a fiction that is fooling nobody though.

It would be easier to agree with you that Gadhafi has to go if I had any idea who or what might replace him. Heaven knows I'm not defending him, but it is possible that someone or some group that's even worse would take his place. Am I missing a bunch of stories that detail the biographies of the rebel leaders?

Posted by: Dave E. Author Profile Page at March 21, 2011 11:33 PM

Rob, you stated my thoughts exactly.

Dave, I'm sure whoever replaces him will be embraced by somebody. The United States? Doubtful, but maybe. The Arab Nations? Quite possibly yes. And maybe that's what it's all about.

Posted by: Marie Author Profile Page at March 22, 2011 10:43 PM

Here's a link to a US military report on foreign fighters in Iraq, mostly suicide bombers, that originated from Libya. Take a look at page 38.


I think it shows that NE Libya provided Sunni suicide bombers for al Qaeda in Iraq at a disproportionate rate compared to the rest of MENA. I haven't read or absorbed the entire report yet and tribal, ethnic, and religious complexity in the area is probably just as complex as it was in Iraq, so I want to be careful about any conclusions.

Maybe, though, this rebellion is an opportunity for us to peel away support for al Qaeda in that region. That would make me feel much more supportive of President Obama's efforts. Why aren't we hearing more about that as a possibility? Why do we basically hear nothing?

Posted by: Dave E. Author Profile Page at March 23, 2011 7:27 PM

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